2015 Makino U3 Wire EDM

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2015 Makino U3 Wire EDM

  • MakeMakino
  • ModelU3
  • Year2015
  • Product #08580
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Live Tooling / Milling


Vertical Table / Pallet Size: 24.80x17.71""
X-Travel: 15"
Y-Travel: 11"
Z-Travel: 9"
Max Table/Pallet Load: 1,322lbs
Rapid Traverse: 78.74 IPM
EDM Tank Size: 31.10x24.05x110.04"


Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: U/V Axis Travel: ±1.96"
Wire Electrode Size Range: 0.004"~0.012"Ø
Work Table Height: 37.40"
Taper Capability with AWT: ±15°/3.94"thick
Servo System: Direct Drive PWM Digital AC Servo
Servo Feedrate: 0.00039~1.97"/min
Simultaneous Controlled Axes: 5 Axes Total/4 Axis Simultaneous
Least Programmable Increment: 0.00001"
X/Y Ball Screw Size (Class C5): 1.26"Ø
U/V/Z Ball Screw Size (Class C5): 0.98"Ø
Rotary Encoder Feedback (X/Y/U/V/Z): 0.000004"
Glass Scale Feedback (X/Y): 0.000002"
Linear Positioning Accuracy - (with proper foundation and environmental control): X/Y-Axes (Full Stroke): ±0.000039"
Repeatability: X/Y-Axes (Full Stroke): ±0.000039"
Dynamic Shape Precision: ±0.00019"
Roundness TIR (20mmØ x 40mm thick): 0.00019"
Best Finish in Tool Steel (40mm thick): 10µin Ra
Best Finish in Carbide: 6µin Ra
Best 3 Pass Finish in Steel (HyperCut): 16µin Ra