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TechniDrill was founded in 1947 under the name of the Ward Riddle Co. specializing in aircraft fuel and braking system components. The company created their first gundrilling system in 1955. By the 1970s the company had shifted gears and began to produce deep hole drilling machines for the defense, automotive, and energy industries fulltime. Today the TechniDrill name is synonymous with precision deep hole drilling machines and gundrilling.

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2014 TechniDrill GD-1.00-5-160 Gun Drill 1" x 160"

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2013 TechniDrill Systems 1.00-48 Counter Rotating Gun Drill

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2013 TechniDrill 1.00-5-160-1 Gun Drill 1" x 160"

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TechniDrill was founded originally in 1947 under the name Ward Riddle Co. in Ohio, specializing in aircraft fuel and braking system components. The company created their first gundrill system in 1955. By the 1960s, the company changed their name to Phillips Precision Drilling and began to service the defense industry, household product and automotive companies using their gundrill systems.

In 1985, Phillips Precision Drilling name was changed to TechniDrill Systems Inc, and the company begins to work for oil field service providers as well as more in-depth automotive manufacturing and TechniDrill begins developing more multiple spindle gun drills, trepanning tooling, three- and four-axis mold drilling solutions.

By the 2000s, TechniDrill had expanded into handling ultra-small medical equipment and skiving equipment in addition to their deep hole drilling machines, but the primary focus still remains with developing and building machines for drilling and coring applications in oil, geotechnical, special foundations, civil engineering, mining, water drilling, and geothermal.

Gundrilling is the process of drilling long or deep holes. This process provides an excellent surface finish and straight holes all with a very close tolerance. Gundrilling was first used over 120 years ago in the process of making gun barrels. Today gundrilling is used in any number of applications that need a highly reliable, high production method of drilling deep holes.

 Founded in 1947
 Based in Marshall, Missouri, USA

 Formerly named Phillips Precision Drilling

 Best Known for Gundrill and Deep Hole Drilling Lathes