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History of Flow Waterjets

By Michelle Danielczok

Flow was started in 1974 by former Boeing research and development scientists. The UHP waterjet was the first technology commercialized as an industrial cutting tool, and not long after the first abrasive waterjet system was patented and perfected. Since the 1970s, Sodick has delivered over 13,000 waterjets across over 100 countries.

Parpas XS-62 5-Axis Overhead Gantry CNC Machining Centers are a line of medium/large gantry machines that are dedicated to multi-axis, high speed machining. With high repeatability, precision and accuracy, these machines are designed for hard material machining including steel, titanium and more.

CNC Lights Out Production

By Michelle Danielczok

Lights out production, also known as lights out manufacturing, refers to the process of manufacturing that is fully automated, and requires no human intervention or presence on-site. This allows factories to be able to “run with the lights off.” True lights-out companies run 24/7, except for routine maintenance, but many companies run lights-out for overnight production and shorter time spans as well.

Why Buy From An MDNA Member

By Michelle Danielczok

Purchasing from an MDNA member guarantees customers that these dealers have a broad area of expertise, as well as access to thousands of machines available around the world. The MDNA offers professional communication and information networks in order to provide their customers with instant availability and delivery for any equipment they need.

Why Sell Your Shop With Us?

By Michelle Danielczok

Whether you’re retiring, closing up shop, or looking for something new, selling all of your assets can be tough. Resell CNC offers quick and easy processes for anyone who is looking to sell their shop.

DMG Mori Milltap 700

By Michelle Danielczok

DMG Mori Milltap 700 CNC Vertical Mill machines are highly productive compact machining centers, built to provide high speed machining in small space environments.

DMG Mori NHX-5000

By Michelle Danielczok

DMG Mori NHX-5000 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers are designed for high stability, high precision machining. These highly compact machines are quick and easy to set up and are optimal for any industry including automotive, and mold and die shops. These machines are designed for mass production, high efficiency machining, and are ideal for any industry or job shop.

DMG Mori DMU80 Monoblock Liquidation

By Michelle Danielczok

DMG Mori DMU80 Monoblock CNC Vertical Machining Centers are equipped for 5-Axis simultaneous machining, with high speed milling spindles, integrated mill-turning, high torque cutting, and more. These machines are ideal for any industry, including engineering, medical, automotive, mold and die shops and more.

Resell CNC has just announced a late model DMG Mori Liquidation featuring 20 Late Model DMG Mori vertical machining centers, horizontal mills, and CNC turning centers. This extraordinary opportunity includes popular DMG Mori models including DMU80 Monoblock CNC Vertical Machining Center, CMX110V Vertical Machining Center, Milltap 700 CNC Vertical Mills, NHX-5000 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, NLX2500Y/700 Live Tooling CNC Lathe, NL2500/1250 CNC Turning Center, NRX2000 6-Axis CNC Turning Center, and NZX-S2500 4-Axis Twin Turret CNC Turning Centers.

DMG NHX5000 Liquidation

By Michelle Danielczok

Late Model DMG Mori Liquidation of Used, Demo Unit, and Still In The Crate DMG Mori NHX-5000 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers are designed for high stability, high precision machining. These machines have powerful spindles with speeds reaching up to 15,000 RPM, and highly rigid beds.

DMG NLX2500 Liquidation

By Michelle Danielczok

Late Model DMG Mori Liquidation of Used, Demo Unit, and Still In The Crate DMG Mori NLX200 CNC Lathes are highly precise and highly rigid turning centers, equipped with a built-in motor turret, controlled thermal displacement, and slideways.

DMG DMU80 Liquidation

By Michelle Danielczok

Late Model DMG Mori Liquidation of Used, Demo Unit, and Still In The Crate DMG Mori DMU Monoblock CNC Vertical Machining Centers are equipped for 5-Axis simultaneous machining, with high speed milling spindles, integrated mill-turning, high torque cutting, and more.

DMG Milltap 700 Liquidation

By Michelle Danielczok

Late Model DMG Mori Liquidation of Used, Demo Unit, and Still In The Crate DMG Mori Milltap 700 CNC Vertical Mill machines are highly productive compact machining centers, built to provide high speed machining in small space environments.

DMG Mori NZX-2500 CNC Turning Centers are designed with efficiency and precision in mind. With multi-axis turning, high torque spindles, and high tailstock rigidity all encased in a thermally stable structure these machines are designed to be reliable for any job.

Mazak Variaxis Vertical Machining Centers offer full, simultaneous 5-axis machining to perform complex curved surface machining on large, heavy workpieces. These machines were designed for incorporating all processes of machining from inputting raw material to final machining, ranging from heavy duty cutting to high-speed cutting of aluminum and other nonferrous material.

The Haas EC-400 CNC Horizontal Machining Center are an essential asset to any company whether working in a large-scale production company in the aerospace industry or in a job shop looking to take on more work while reducing production time across machines.

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Modern CNC Manufacturing Is Born In 1949, the U.S. Air Force began experimental research into the various capabilities of CNC technology. During this time period, tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union were at a fever pitch, the Red Scare had polluted America. Several government officials were unmasked as Soviet spies and the nation became increasingly paranoid about its military might against a looming Communist threat.

History of Haas CNC

By Dan Eder

Haas CNC mills are world renowned for their quality and reliable performance. Today, Haas CNC programming is a benchmark for excellence in the industry. But before the company became synonymous with high quality Haas CNC machining, there was a time when Haas was just a hopeful upstart taking big chances on some revolutionary technology. The company’s story begins over 30 years ago in California, with a former job shop machinist who thought he could offer the industry something more.

One of the most common forms of additive manufacturing, selective laser melting involves selectively melting thin layers of powdered material with a heat source. The powder in question in the case of SLM is metallic. Industrial metals such as aluminum, bronze and cobalt chromium are ideal for mechanical parts.

Binder jetting is unique among the processes listed here because it does not require heat for the build process. Excess melted powder in the object leads to strong materials constructed, so additional supports are typically not needed. Full Color Sandstone is ideal for creating lifelike sculptures and architectural models that possess personality and unique visual flair. However, these materials limit the production of functional parts and highly complex moving parts.

Liquid photopolymers are deployed to give objects a variety of properties. New and used 3D printers complete material jetting projects using various types of plastics, including simulated polypropylene and rigid opaque plastic. These materials are incredibly reliable when building models with moving and assembled parts, though products typically degrade after long periods of exposure to UV light.

Stereolithography (SLA) is widely used in the production of various consumer packaged goods, such as sculptures, molds for jewelry products and so forth. The technology is also popular in engineering and product design, model making, education and even for medical devices in fields like dentistry.

SLS technology involves techniques similar to those reviewed in previous types of additive manufacturing methods. With SLS, like with SLA, a high powered laser is used. With SLS, however, the laser in question is used to sinter or weld the building materials together.

FDM is the most common technique for personalized 3D printing. It is also widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, consumer packaged goods and in the education world to teach students about the benefits of 3D printing. For all of these industries, Fuse Deposition models have proven highly efficient and cost-effective for rapid prototyping.

If you're looking for a good quality machine with new technology, advanced features, good local support at a fair price, take a look at Haas. There are plenty of good reasons for buying a Haas machine. You won't be sorry.

Resell CNC Auctions hosts online multi-shop auctions that provide an excellent opportunity for customers to sell their surplus equipment quickly and efficiently. This posts contains (5) helpful tips on how to maximize the value of your surplus CNC equipment at auction.

Compare CNC Machines

By Matt Horn

Among all of the recent additions to the Resell CNC website, we’ve also integrated a new feature to make the CNC purchasing process a simple one. Our website now has a comparison chart that customers can use to compare up to 4 machines, spec by spec.

Alongside with the new comparison chart on the revamped Resell CNC website, a new feature was added that simplifies the process of finding the machine that fits your needs perfectly. Customers are now able to browse our extensive inventory of CNC Lathes, CNC Vertical Mills, CNC Horizontal Mills by important specifications and options.

Resell CNC Is Hiring!

By Matt Horn

Due to our exponential growth, we are always searching for the qualified candidates to join our team. Applying for positions within Resell CNC has just become easier than ever with the ability to apply right from

Resell CNC is dedicated to making the CNC purchasing and selling process an easy one for our customers, but what if you didn’t even need to go to pick up the phone to buy the perfect machine? Our newly revamped website has tons of new features including several that are ground breaking to the machine tool industry.

Why Buy From Us?

By Matt Horn

Resell CNC is an established company that provides an innovative platform for manufacturers to buy and sell machinery and equipment. Here are just a few reasons why working with us is the right choice.

"Resell CNC Auction's commitment to working with my schedule and needs was the reason I went them"

Brian, Texas

"Hands down, Resell offered me the best customer service experience I have ever received, and the next time I need a CNC machine, they will be the first number I call!"

Karl, North Carolina

"Love working with Resell CNC. They go out of their way to find the right machine and get you the best possible price. "

Sam, Oregon

"We called in Resell CNC to help us consolidate our east and west coast operations into one. They did a great job and would definitely do business with them again."

Scott, Florida

"I buy a lot of used equipment, Resell is one of the best company I've dealt with."

Kevin, Minnesota

"They made the process very easy and took care of all the details involved. All we had to do is give them the details on where to wire the money."

James, Michigan

"Working with these guys is awesome."

Sam, Oregon

"We exclusively use Resell CNC and give them the highest of recommendations!"

Bob, Alabama

"Best in the business for used CNC machine tools."

Carl, Georgia

"The best used CNC dealer out there!"

Andy, Connecticut

"Resell CNC made the process so easy for us. They were able to answer all of my questions with courtesy and warmth, and I wanted to to say how much I appreciated that. We could not have had a better experience. "

Rosanne, Massachusetts

"Great company to work with as an equipment supplier."

Andy, Florida

"Resell CNC is a great company to work with. Honest and fair which is hard to come by these days."

Bud, Arizona

"They got me almost double what any other dealer would have! I could not be happier with the results of our business and I would strongly recommend Resell CNC"

Robert, Kansas

"We needed a partner that could meet our time constraints, while still maximizing the value of our surplus assets. Resell CNC delivered for us, with transparency throughout the process, and clear commitments that were followed through. Highly recommended."

Buddy, Texas

"They are very professional, ethical and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend them."

Dan, California

"Resell CNC is focused on meeting their customer's conditions of satisfaction."

Keith, California

"Your team did exactly what they said they would do and it was a pleasure working with Resell CNC."

Nick, Ontario, Canada

" It was a pleaseure working with Resell CNC. I appreciate that Resell kept in constant communication, and explained the entire sales process in a simple and honest manner. "

Jim, Kentucky

"Every concern I had was addressed, and every aspect of the transaction was handled with a level of professionalism, not often seen."

Robert, Florida

"Resell CNC was on top things and even sent payment for our machines on the same day they were sold."

Gary, Ohio

"Resell CNC worked hard over several months to sell these machines and they kept me posted at every step of the way. "

Edward, Florida

"We will continue to use Resell CNC for all our used equipment purchases "

Gil, Massachusetts

"We would like to say thank you to Resell CNC for the amazing experience! We could not have asked for a smoother transition for the purchase of two CNC machines."

Monica, Ohio

"I wanted to tell you that we really had a great experience working with Resell CNC. They made everything go very smoothly and he kept me updated on every single step of the process. It was honestly a pleasant transaction."

Chad, Michigan

" Our work together was pretty seemless and it was great doing business with Resell CNC. If we are ever in the market again Resell CNC would be my preferred dealer."

Simon, Texas

"Resell CNC handled everything with great professionalism. You made the process very much stress free and that means a great deal to our company. All in all it was an enjoyable experience."

David, Texas

"Resell CNC couldn't have been better to deal with. They was knowledgeable in this area and knew what type of machine I was looking for. "

Spencer, New York

"Had a GREAT experience with Resell CNC. They were able to sell and move my machine quickly. Thanks guys!"

Kristen, Florida

"We bought a VF-3SS under an extremely tight deadline for a project."

Ben, Alabama

"I have been a little skeptical in the past about purchasing used equipment but this transaction has been a very good experience. The information given to me and the communication throughout this process has been outstanding."

Mark, Florida

"We purchased a HAAS VF-5 from Resell CNC and had a great experience. Everything taken care of from setting up with financing to shipping."

Matt, New York

" The machine has been running nonstop since it arrived and we are ecstatic. I am glad I took the call and took the leap of faith with Resell CNC"

Mike, Missouri

"Having spoken with a number of used equipment dealers, there have been some shady ones. I can happily say that Resell CNC does not fit that category."

Ben, Montana

"Resell CNC handled the entire transaction with the utmost professionalism. We are looking forward to more business together in the future. "

Roy, Ohio

"I just wanted to write a quick thank you note to Resell CNC for their supurb service. The whole transaction was very smooth."

Benny, Florida

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for an amazing job helping me sell 8 CNC machines in one of your online consignment sales. Resell CNC made this process so smooth and easy and helped me every step of the way."

Paul, Michigan

"Great company to work with, quality equipment and professional service."

Kevin , Illinois

"From the beginning, the team at Resell CNC was great to work with. They came in, looked at my shop, and gave me accurate pricing for all of my equipment. "

Joe, Illinois

"Due to the economic conditions in the coal mining industry my brother and I decided to close our shop. I recommend the people at Resell CNC if you need to liquidate or purchase machinery."

Kevin, West Virginia

"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for selling my Mitsubishi EDM machine. It went exactly as Resell CNC told me it would. "

Stacy, Missouri

"I highly recommend them so we hope to have other future purchases with them."

Sergio, Mexico

"Resell CNC offers integral and very professional services at all times."

Eduardo, Mexico

"Excellent service and very good management"

Daniel, Cali, Colombia

"Resell CNC has taken us step by step to make the purchase of the machine that best suits our needs and budget, your service has left us with a great shopping experience!"

Osbaldo, Mexico

" I had the pleasure of working with Resell CNC and the entire team displayed a great deal of product knowledge and made me feel very comfortable with my purchase."

Jorge, Texas

"Resell CNC made everything very clean and easy to understand and I would absolutely call upon you in the future to help my company with our CNC requirements."

Bill, California

"Thanks again for the excellent service Resell CNC provided me and feel free to use me as a reference anytime"

Brendan, Ohio

"I recently purchased a Mori Seiki SL25-M live tooling lathe from Resell CNC. The process of purchasing this lathe was made so easy."

Brian, North Carolina

"I do not know what the future holds for my start-up machine shop; however, I do know that if I ever need to buy or sell a CNC machine, I will call Resell CNC first."

Ray, Connecticut

"We recently purchased a Hitachi Seiki VM50 machining center from the team at Resell CNC. The experience we had dealing with them was great."

Sean, North Carolina

"I wanted to thank Resell CNC for all their work on my purchase of a Mazak 510C. From the handling, rigging and freight, Resell CNC handled it quickly and at a great price."

Jeremy, Missouri

"I found Resell CNC to be very pleasant to deal with and very willing to find the answers to my questions promptly."

Calvin, Arizona

"It has been a great experience all the way with Resell CNC. This is my second purchase from Resell CNC and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many more to come"

Efrain, Mexico

"I would definitely use Resell CNC again for more CNC machine purchases, and I would advise anyone to do the same. Resell CNC is a great asset and they helped us avoid a costly mistakes"

Jason, Iowa

"When deciding to expand our business we looked to all of the local tool dealers in Central Florida, after visiting with all of them we felt that Resell CNC was the most dedicated"

Todd, Florida

"Being in Houston we deal with a ton of brokers out there who all claim to make things easy. Resell CNC is the first one to stand behind their word. For anyone who is buying, selling or moving machinery there is only one choice and it is Resell CNC"

Johnny, Texas

"Resell CNC was aggressive in searching for the right machine for me and prompt in responding to anything that was needed. They made the process very painless and was helpful in making everything run smoothly from start to finish. "

Chris, Missouri

"It was a pleasure working with Resell CNC on this project. I would highly recommend Resell CNC to anyone."

William, South Carolina

"I was pleased that I had the chance to pick up a quality machine like this at a good price."

John, California

"They worked very hard looking for the machine that would best fit my requirements and emailed and called me several times with some great opportunities."

Ben, Kentucky

" I found that dealing with Resell CNC was very enjoyable and that the transaction was handled in a very professional manner."

Anthony, Massachusetts

"A couple of weeks ago Resell CNC called us. I hesitated to take the call because I almost never take calls from CNC salesman; but Im sure happy I did this time! "

Steve, Georgia

"Thanks for all of your help with the purchase of my new Torchmach CNC milling machine. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I hope to do so again."

Grayston, California

"For a contract manufacturer it is invaluable to have a partnership with a company like Resell CNC who enables us to expand and contract capacity with such ease."

Ken, California

"We highly recommend Resell CNC as a one-stop source for all matters involved with the sale and purchase of CNC machines."

Calvin, California

"I find the staff to be courteous, professional, and extremely efficient. I am impressed with the knowledge of the equipment, the business and the process."

Bruce, Missouri

"It was a pleasure doing business with Resell CNC."

Luke, Louisiana

"In today's world it is great to find a company like Resell CNC that goes the extra mile to make sure there customers are happy at the end of the day! "

Dean, Illinois

"Resell CNC made sure I had a smooth and easy transaction."

Stuart, Georgia

"In todays world of fast paced transactions and high fuel costs it pays off to collaborate with an organization like Resell CNC who has machines available in all cities throughout North America and does business all over the world."

Jason, Texas

"You made the sale and transaction a pleasant experience for us."

Rodney, Tennessee

"The entire process went like a well-oil machined."

Matt, Alabama

"The sales rep received my call and was very knowledgeable about this lathe."

Delbert, Texas

"They provided a trouble free and satisfying experience. If we ever need to sell additional equipment I will certainly use Resell CNC Auctions."

Randy, Kentucky

"It was a pleasure doing business with Resell CNC. I will not hesitate to call Resell CNC again for machine tool purchases or sales."

Chuck, Florida

"I want to personally thank Resell CNC for their professional service and painless transaction of the sale of our Haas Mini Mill."

Jerome, California

"They worked hard to understand out needs and to determine exactly what we wanted and more importantly what we needed. The process went very well and very smoothly. "

Todd, Texas

"We moved forward and - to our great surprise - Resell CNC was able to find a buyer for our equipment within the first day of listing it! "

Morten, Arizona

"It has been a pleasure to work with you and Resell CNC over the past few weeks. "

Hyrum, Colorado

"We have been dealing with Resell CNC for years and they have never let us down. "

Clayton, Connecticut

"It was really an enjoyable experience working with Resell CNC. I definitely would recommend you to anyone I know looking to sale machines or buy machines in the future."

Calvin, Indiana

"I am always cautious when buying used CNC equipment and I was pleased that my salesperson mentioned that he wanted me to go and inspect the machine and his follow through was excellent."

Brian, Michigan

"I put you up against the clock, but you guys pulled it off and I am very pleased with the purchase."

Chris, Illinois

"The machine arrived in great condition and is exactly as you represented it to us."

Cleon, Canada

"Resell CNC Auctions provided me with an option for my needs, which netted me what I needed for my machines and a quick removal."

Jack, Iowa

"There is no doubt I will be using Resell CNC for all of my future sales and I will gladly recommend them to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sale a machine."

Bobby, Texas

"You made the process easy and quicker than we had anticipated. "

Yvon, Canada

"I was a little concerned when you told me you could sell the machine within a few weeks and at the price I had told you that we wanted, but you did just that."

Paul, Massachusetts

"The communication from your end was incredible and made this transaction professional and a pleasure to do business with your company."

Steve, Indiana

"You were very thorough and I appreciate the professionalism with which you worked."

Eugene, Arizona

"Everything went so well and so smoothly. I can’t believe that four days after first contacting you the machine is in my shop!"

Brad, Louisiana

"I have been in the manufacturing business for over 30 years. In these years I have bought, sold, rebuilt and modified them and I must say that after working with you and Resell CNC this past month that is how easy moving machines should be! "

Kevin, Illinois

"I knew that I wanted to buy a good quality used machine at a fair price. I worked with Resell CNC and I quickly realized that my salesperson was a hard-working and honest guy."

Jeff, Tennessee

"I would not hesitate to recommend Resell CNC to any machine shop as they are real professionals."

Terry, New York

" This was one of the easiest transactions I have made in my 30 years of manufacturing."

Jeff, Illinois

"Our sales rep was an honest and courteous salesperson (a priceless asset) and would always call back in a few minutes and have an answer to a question I had, that was worth a lot. I wish more sales professionals were just like them. Job well done!"

Jay, Ohio

"Resell CNC worked very hard and very effectively to sell my machine. I was paid quickly and the machine shipped very quickly as well."

Rick, Pennsylvania

"Resell CNC will be our first call when the need arises for us to acquire any additional equipment."

Joshua, Texas

"I cannot imagine any other machine dealer topping the service of Resell CNC. For my next machine purchase, I will call Resell CNC first."

John, Minnesota

"I would like to write to commend Resell CNC on a stellar job working with us on purchasing our Haas SL-30T. "

David, Texas

"Our sales rep at Resell CNC has been a sheer joy to work with. "

Justin, Michigan

"What was needed was a quick turnaround time to dovetail with the quicker than expected arrival of my new mill and you guys delivered. "

Dave, Tennessee

"The whole process was very simple and straightforward. They had the CNC sold within a week. Now that was fast! A++++++++"

Charles, Iowa

"They took care of every small detail, kept us updated as all on all the events as they unfolded. They made what usually is a consuming process and turned it into a rewarding experience. "

Dave, North Carolina

"This was our first used CNC machine and from this experience will probably go this route in the future. We are very pleased with our purchase and how it was handled. Thank you!"

Scott, Mississippi

"Thank you again for outstanding service. We will certainly keep Resell CNC in mind when it comes to our equipment needs, whether to sell or purchase."

Andie, Florida

"I appreciated your attention to detail when we had a problem, and your willingness to be available especially after normal business hours. That's something I have not seen from any other machinery salesperson in all of my many years in the business."

Craig, Pennsylvania

"I would recommend Resell CNC due to their friendly people and terrific customer service."

Tom, Texas

"I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you. We will keep you in mind when we have some more machinery to sell."

Nick, New York

" I will definitely be calling Resell CNC in the future if I need any CNC equipment."

Jeff, Colorado

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the help and nice job! You made purchasing only my 2nd used machine quick and painless."

Kevin, Connecticut

"We are exceptionally pleased with the ease of working with you on this as well as how fast the transaction was able to take place. "

Jordan, Indiana

"It was a pleasure selling my lathe with Resell CNC. They made the process quite easy. "

Thomas, Mississippi

"The high level of sales and service provided was much appreciated during the process of buying CNC equipment. Their quick response times and accurate information expedited a traditionally cumbersome process."

Rankin, Ohio

"This is without a doubt the quickest machine sale I have ever been a part of, not to mention the easiest "

Bob, Ohio

"From the time we started communicating until when the machine arrived at our door, Resell CNC stayed in constant contact and made sure the whole process went smoothly."

Dale, Pennsylvania

"The recent purchase we made from Resell CNC was a very satisfactory transaction. The team at Resell CNC was very helpful with information concerning the machine we were interested in."

Ken, Florida

"If anyone is looking for machines to buy I recommend Resell CNC for the job!"

Bryan, Louisiana

"Resell CNC's professional standards places them in the forefront of our industry."

Imad, Ontario, Canada

"I was impressed at the attention Resell CNC gave me and my 100+ questions. They had the answers and things went just as they said they would."

Richard, Connecticut

"I would like to thank you and your associates in this transaction for the fine service we received during this transaction."

Ed, Pennsylvania

"The transaction went along very smoothly, and you followed up great. We are very happy with the machine."

JT, Wisconsin

"We will certainly be back in touch with you and Resell CNC!"

Marianne, Florida

"I would highly recommend using Resell CNC for purchasing or selling machine equipment."

Jeff, Tennessee

"We have purchased a lot of parts and equipment and have a lot of good vendors, but this was a pleasant surprise to have this unusual level of service and professionalism on this purchase."

Larry, Georgia

" We can not emphasis how impressed we were of Resell CNC's knowledge of the machine industry and how best to sell the machines while maximizing our dollar return."

Christopher, Michigan

"It was a pleasure working with Resell CNC."

Shawn, New Jersey

"We value Resell CNC as an excellent partner for our trade-in equipment"

Albert, Quebec Canada

"I have enjoyed working with the team from Resell CNC and look forward to a continued partnership as our company grows and the need for more equipment arises."

Michael, Oklahoma

"Our corporation highly recommends Resell CNC for their assistance in selling any CNC equipment your company may have to offer."

Steve, Michigan

"Thank you to Resell CNC for helping us out in our time of need. "

John, Florida

" Our experience with Resell CNC was superb. It is rare in today's business environment when we meet people who do exactly what they say they will do when they promise to do it."

Del, Oregon

"I am a firm believer of building relationships and standardization. As a result, I will continue to pursue used equipment from Resell CNC."

Richard, Illinois

"Our interactions with Resell CNC have been excellent. "

Patrick, Nebraska

"We recently purchased a used Mazak lathe through Resell CNC. The transaction went so well that I agreed to sell one of our Mazak lathes through their company. "

Pete, Missouri

"I enjoy dealing with Resell CNC and will always call them when I am buying or selling equipment in the future."

John, Illinois

"I have been in the machine shop business for about 10 years and I must say, without doubt this purchase was by far the most pleasurable to date"

Dean, Kentucky

"We had a requirement to sell 4 CNC vertical machining centers.The whole experience was first-rate."

Eric, Ontario

"Resell CNC saved me $10,000 on my last machine purchase"

Rick, Oklahoma

"We needed to make an immediate purchase and Resell CNC was the perfect fit for us."

Mark, Washington

"In today's business environment, communication is vital, and Resell CNC hit this sale out of the park."

Mark, Ohio

"I want to thank you for your time, patience and great service"

Roberto, Mexico

"I want to thank you for the sale of our three CNC machines. "

Charles, Pennsylvania

"Resell CNC made us a deal too good to pass up!"

Joseph, Texas

"Throughout the process of finalizing the purchase of the machine, Resell CNC was patient and very professional. I own a company; I would highly recommend Resell CNC to anyone in the market for a used machine."

Kevin, California