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Amada Co is a large Japanese manufacturer of metal processing equipment and machinery. The company was founded in 1946, in Kanagawa, Japan. The company manufactures metal cutting, forming, shearing and punching machines as well as factory automation systems and electronic equipment. Amada machine are used in a variety of industries including auto, computer, camera, and electronic appliance industries. Amada specializes in producing sheet metal machines and equipment for resistance wielding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, hermetic sealing, hot bar reflow soldering, and laser micromachining. In 2013, Amada completed an approved takeover of Miyachi Corporation, making Miyachi America a consolidated subsidiary.

Since the founding of the company, Amada’s goal has been to provide customers with increased accuracy and productivity. Amada embraces CNC automation as a core strength, and with the Amada Grinding Business Unit and Amada Cutting Technologies unit the company has been uniquely positioned to help expand its customers capabilities in machining.

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2021 Amada ID40IV HPNT Spot Welder

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2012 Amada LC3015F1 NT CNC Laser

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2012 Amada FOMII 3015NT CNC Laser with Tower

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2000 Amada RG-1030LD 110 Ton x 10' 2-Axis Up-Acting CNC Press Brake

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2000 Amada Vipros 255 N.C. Turret Punch Press

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1998 Amada Vipros 368 King CNC Punch Press

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1997 Amada Vipros 255 Turret Punch Press

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1990 Amada RG-80 Press Brake

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1987 Amada Coma 557 CNC Turret Punch Press

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Popular Amada CNC Models
Amada Ventis Fiber Laser
Ventis fiber lasers use locus beam control which can freely manipulate the laser beam, which enhances cutting performance. This machine features a 3kW fiber laser allowing it to cut through high density metals with high precision and accuracy.

Amada Ensis
The Ensis fiber lasers are high speed, and optimal for any job from flat sheet cutting to pipe cutting. These machines offer up to 9kW of fiber laser technology, making it ideal to process any type of material with no lens change or additional setup.

Amada EM Turret Punch Press
These automated punching systems feature a 33-ton turret punch press that features a 300-tool capacity, with automatic tool changer, making it optimal for variable production.

Amada EMK Turret Punch Press
The EMK Series features twin AC servo drives, drive shaft, and high speeds. This machine is optiomal for any industry, especially ones producing complex parts.

Amada HRB Series
The HRB series press brakes are high precision and are equipped with standard features such as automatic tool changer, 300mm stopper, slit crown bed, and more.

Amada HM Series
The HM series press brakes are designed for efficient, accurate and repeatable bending. These machines are equipped with variable slit, crown bed, larger open height, S-Grip punch holders and more.

Amada HD NT Series
The HD NT series of press brakes feature a down-acting system with advanced hydraulics to provide high accuracy and reliability. This machine is equipped with multiple axis backgauge, S-Grip and A-Grip punch holders, high-rigidity frame and more.

Amada EG Series
The EG series are ultra-high-precision, and compact press brakes that come equipped with dual servo power drive, L-shift backgauge, large open height and more.

Amada HG Series
The HG Series of press brakes are high speed, high precision machines. These machines feature dual servo power drive system, multiple axis back gauge, one touch punch holders, and more.

 Founded in 1946
 US Operations Based in Brea, California, USA
 Other Brands Owned: Miyachi
 Best Known for CNC Brakes and Presses