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Brother Industries is a Japanese multinational electronics equipment company. Founded in 1908 in Nagoya, Japan the company started as a sewing machine company. Currently the company manufactures printers, multifunction printers, desktop computers, industrial sewing machines, large machine tools, label printers, typewriters, fax machines and other computer related electronics. The company became known as Brother Industries in 1962 after working with Brother International Corporation from the US as an overseas affiliate since 1954. During the same decade, Brother began manufacturing machine tools.

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2021 Brother Speedio S300X2 CNC Vertical Mill

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2021 Brother R650X2 CNC Vertical Machining Center

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2020 Brother Speedio S500X2 CNC Compact Machining Center

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2020 Brother Speedio S700X2 CNC Vertical Mill

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2018 Brother Speedio S500X1 CNC Drilling / Tapping Machine

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2015 Brother Speedio R450X1 CNC Vertical Mill w/ Pallet Changer

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Brother’s most notable machine tools are the SPEEDIO series tapping centers. Brother has been producing tapping centers since 1985, primarily for the automobile and motorcycle parts and IT equipment industries. Brother introduced SPEEDIO in 2013 in order to develop machines that increase machining speed and reduce machining time. The SPEEDIO series is a series of #30 spindle compact machining centers, with higher productivity than the standard CNC Tapping Center Series and demonstrates excellent environmental performance and machining capability.

The key features that SPEEDIO has is:
• Overwhelming high productivity: Brother servo technologies are fully utilized to achieve high-speed, high acceleration and high response.
• Machining capabilities: high output spindle motor is used, demonstrating excellent machining capabilities and enabling high-efficiency machining and heavy-duty machining. The machine also demonstrates high capabilities over a broad range of machining, including circular machining and high speed 3-D machining, utilizing the smooth path offset function, look-ahead function and more.
• Better usability through machine/controller integrated development: provides a variety of convenient functions including shortcut keys, menu programming, help messages, torque waveform display, etc.
• High environmental performance: uses a power regeneration system that lowers power consumption, high efficiency spindle motor, energy saving pump, LED type work light, etc. Other NC power saving functions are also equipped including automatic power off and more.

High performance #30 spindle machines are fully capable of machining medium sized parts as well as drilling and milling, as well as taping. These machines also reduce footprint, power consumption, machining time and emission of CO2. Other key features of CNC tapping centers include originally developed NC, high speed and high accuracy synchronous tapping, high-speed spindle, high-speed ATC reducing tool change time, and more.

Popular Brother CNC Models
Brother W1000Xd1 Model
The W1000Xd1 model machining centers are the newest compact machining centers equipped with new NC controller, designed for machining larger workpieces.

Brother S700X2/S500X2/S300X2 Models
These machines centers are high performance models, designed for mass production parts and a broad range of machining for industries including automotive, and information technology. With improved machine rigidity, diverse spindle motors, and high performance, these machines ensure a broad range of machining, from high speed to heavy-duty machining.

Brother S1000X1 Model
These machines offer high productivity, offering high speed, increased X- and Y-travels enabling large workpiece machining and jog mounting, and high reliability with improved chip discharge and two chip shower pumps.

Brother R450X2
These machines were designed to provide increased productivity and efficiency, being equipped with pallet changers, in order to provide increased productivity. These machines are also designed with process integration, making processes that are normally divided between 2 machines to be performed all on one machine.

Brother R650X2
These machines are upgraded R450X2’s, that come with high speed 2-face pallet changers, and offer larger tool capacities of up to 40 tools. These machines also come with enhanced productivity, with increased speed and acceleration.

Brother F600X1
This machine is highly rigid and stable, using optimal element components to offer the highest rigidity in the SPEEDIO series. This machines also comes equipped with size and load capacity equivalent to high end models, improved table rigidity, and high reliability, with improved chip discharge.

 Founded in 1908
 US Operations Based in Bridgewater, NJ
 Best Known for Drill Tap Mill Machines