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Brown & Sharpe was founded in 1833 in Providence, RI. Founded by David Brown and Joseph Brown, and later partnered with Lucian Sharpe, the company was name Brown & Sharpe in 1953. During its early years the company was known for several innovations and inventions including the first automatic machine for graduating rules, and the precision Gear Cutting and Dividing Engine. By the 1900s, Brown & Sharpe became the world largest manufacturer of machine tools. The company created instruments such as micrometers and indicators, machine tool spindle tapers, and more.

During the 1900s the company was responsible for the improvement and wider and dissemination of milling machines, micrometers, turret lathes, screw machines and more. During most of the 20th century, Brown & Sharpe machine tools were a staple in American metal manufacturing. Calipers and micrometers made by the company could be found in most machine shops and factories, used for machining products needing fine tolerances. In the 1980s and through the 1990s, the company shifted to developing coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs). CMMs are devices used for dimensional measuring, and are more modern and larger micrometers. Progressively the company began to shift away from machine tools and more to meteorology equipment; producing CMMs and hand tools.

In 2001, the company was acquired by Hexagon AB. This acquisition included all intellectual property, designs, trademarks, facilities and inventory. All tools are still manufactured until the Brown & Sharpe name; however, everything is manufactured by Hexagon Metrology’s TESA division in Switzerland

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2002 Brown & Sharpe Global Image FX 7.10.7 DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine

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Popular Browne & Sharpe Series Paragraphs
Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder
Before the company completely shifted to metrology equipment, grinders were a major specialty, with universal surface and cylindrical grinders. These grinders are optimal for grinding any material and surface.

Brown & Sharpe MicroXcel CMM
The Brown & Sharpe MicroXcel CMMs offer standardized quality measurement, whether you’re purchasing a CMM for the first time or looking to increase capacity, these machines fulfill basic inspection requirements for any job shop, while also offering advanced options for larger companies.

Brown & Sharpe MicroVal CMM
The MicroVal CMM’s are smaller, more compact CMM’s designed to fit through standard door frames. With a granite table insert and steel scales with ribbon encoders, this machine will offer basic quality measurement, optimal for smaller shops.

Brown & Sharpe Gage 2000 CMM
Brown and Sharpe Gage 2000 CMMs are table top sized CMMs designed for gaging and measuring smaller sized products. The Gage 2000 models had linear displacement accuracy of up to .0002” and repeatability of 0.00016”.

 Founded in 1833
 Brown & Sharpe is Owned by Hexagon
 Best Known for TESA line of CMM machines