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Bullard Machine Tool Company was an American machine tool company founded in 1894 by Edward Bullard Sr. The company specialized in vertical boring mills and was responsible for modern developments of vertical boring mills and vertical turret lathes.

The company was continued by Bullard’s son Edward Bullard Jr. and actually changed the design of the vertical boring mill to fit the modern vertical turret lathe. Bullard Jr. was also the leader in the development of the multi-spindle Mult-Au-Matic machines that became an important automatic lathe in the mass production of parts for the automotive industry. Through the 1940s Bullard Machine Tool Company was the largest machine tool builder in the United States.

In 2004 Bullard was purchased by Bourn & Koch. Bourn & Koch continues to provide OEM parts, service, and support for these machines.

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1952 Bullard Cutmaster 54" Vertical Turret Lathe

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Bullard Vertical Turret Lathes
Bullard VTL’s were heavy-duty machines, designed for versatility and flexibility, whether you were producing one-off parts or mass production. With both manual and automatic controls, these machines were built with sizes ranging from 30” to 74”. The major models of VTLs are Cut Master, Dynatrol, Man-Au-Trol, and Series 75.

Bullard Vertical Boring Mill
Bullard Vertical Boring Mills are generally large capacity boring mills, with table diameters ranging anywhere between 30” and 110”. Most of these machines include Vertical Rams and Hardened ways and common features.

 Founded in 1894
 Based in Rockford, Illinois, USA
 Best Known for Heavy Use Vertical Turret Lathes
 Owned by Bourn & Koch, Inc.
 Website: www.Bourn-Koch.comm