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Flow is an American waterjet company headquartered in Kent, Washington. The company, which was founded in 1974 by former Boeing research and development scientists, was the first to patent an abrasive waterjet system. Flow is now best known for their ultra high pressure waterjets and ultra high precision waterjets. Since inception Flow Waterjets has sold more than 13,000 waterjets worldwide making them one of the largest CNC waterjet manufacturers.

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2013 Flow Mach 2 (2031B) Waterjet Cutting Machine

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Flow CNC waterjets are offered in 6 different series, and are available in a variety of sizes from 4x4 to 16x79 and even larger with build to order options.

The Flow Mach 100 waterjet is designed to take on a variety of 2D cutting applications. This waterjet series is versatile and flexible, with programmable Z-axis, roll-around control, and rigid design.

The Flow Mach 200 is designed to deliver value, reliability, and performance with 3-sided access for easy loading and unloading. The Mach 200 has a compact cutting head designed to deliver 5-axis cutting with taper control.

The Flow Mach 300 is an efficient and practical system with a smaller footprint, designed to handle high production needs with ease.

The Flow Mach 500 is the most robust waterjet of the series. Driven by research and customer feedback, the Mach 500 is unmatched in accuracy, quickness and speed. Equipped with top of the line components for the machine drive, precision motion system, motion control, and solid model software for the quickest, most accurate waterjet on the market.

The Flow Mach 700 is the ideal combination of size, speed and accuracy for a heavy-duty waterjet. This waterjet is designed to cut large and heavy parts with ease, load and unload efficiently, and built with an all-steel construction to handle heavy-duty use 24/7.

The Flow NanoJet waterjet is a small-format, fully enclosed waterjet solution that provides clean, precise and quiet cutting. This machine is designed for highly precise cutting and fast overall part production.

 Founded in 1974

 Based in Kent, Washington, USA

 Best Known for High Pressure Abrasive Waterjets

 Website: www.flowwaterjet.com
 Learn More About Flow's History 


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Waterjet Configurations Available Waterjet Cutting Heads Available
Pure Waterjet Abrasive Waterjet Programmable
Dynamic Waterjet Dynamic XD Waterjet
Mach 100 Waterjet Series Mach 1313, Mach 3020, Mach 4040 X X X    
Mach 200 Waterjet Series Mach 1313, Mach 3020, Mach 4040, Mach 7320 X   X and Pivot+    
Mach 300 Waterjet Series Mach 2015, Mach 3015 X X X X  
Mach 500 Waterjet Series Build to Order, 10+ Variations Available X X X X X
Mach 700 Waterjet Series Mach 4080, Mach 40150, Mach 40420,
Mach 5080, Mach 50150, Mach 50240
Nanojet Waterjet Series Build To Order X X X