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Okuma Corporation was founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan, and originally was founded to manufacture and sell noodle-making machines. The company specialized in manufacturing precision lathes, and was established as the Okuma Machinery Works Ltd. in 1918, and began selling the OS Lathe, and other machine tools. Lathes were the main product in the early years, while the line now includes many different machine tools including lathes, mills and machining centers, multi-tasking machines, and grinding machines.

The company has a large market share in Japan. In order to expand, Okuma Machine Tools Inc. established a production based in the United States, in Charlotte, NC in 1987. Okuma America Corporation was established in 1995 when the production and sales groups merged.

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2016 Okuma Genos M560-V CNC Vertical Mill

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2016 Okuma M560V w/ 4th Axis CNC Vertical Mill

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2014 Okuma Millac 761V II CNC Vertical Machining Center w 4th Axis

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2014/2018 Okuma LU35-IIX 4-Axis Dual Turret CNC Lathe

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2013 Okuma Genos L300MW CNC Turning Center

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2011 Okuma GP-26T Cylindrical OD Grinder

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2007 Okuma MA-400HA CNC Horizontal Machining Center

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2007 Okuma Multus B400 5-Axis CNC Turning Center

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2003 Okuma LU45 4-Axis CNC Lathe

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2001 Okuma MX-55VB CNC Vertical Mill

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2000 Okuma L1060 CNC Turning Center

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2000 Okuma MV4020 CNC Vertical Mill

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2000 Okuma MC-4020 CNC Vertical Mill

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1999 Okuma LB35II CNC Lathe

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1999 Okuma Crown L1060 CNC Lathe

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1998 Okuma Crown 762S-BB CNC Lathe

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Okuma believes in offering exceptional customer service, which is reinforced by their mission to passionately pursue a customer for life. All Okuma machines are backed by full Okuma Machine and Control Warranties, and all machines are built to stand the test of time, and there is a full support network located all across the Americas, in order to provide the right support and service for any large manufacturer or job shop.

Okuma has also been among the leaders in the industry for developing thermal compensation and collision avoidance. Thermal compensation is designing machine elements to minimize the distortion as a result of heat generated from machining. Collision avoidance is designing the machine to predict and prevent interference. This is done by the machine “knowing” the form and fixturing, which is implemented into the control, in order to predict crashes and stop the machines movement before the crash can happen. Throughout history Okuma has also been known for developing Japan’s first Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and the first integral motor/spindle.

Unlike most machine tool builders, the company is known for designing and building all of its own software, hardware, and machine components. Okuma controls are called the Okuma Sampling Pathcontrol (OSP) series controls, and offer closed-loop positioning.

Okuma Genos – The Okuma Genos series name is used for both lathes and vertical mills. The Genos L-series lathes are powerful, high-precision machines designed to cut a variety of exotic materials. These machines are equipped with highly rigid guideways, optional milling capabilities, and a thermo-friendly design in order to maintain tight tolerances. Genos M-series mills are designed with a highly rigid, thermally stable construction and come equipped with the industry leading OSP control.

Okuma Multus
Okuma Multus series CNC turning centers are the ultimate turn-mill machine. Designed with 6- to 8-inch chucks, full contouring C-axis, 40-tool ATC and OSP control. These machines assure high accuracy even in the most complex applications, ease of operation with the OSP control, and process-intensive machining for shorter deliveries.

Okuma LB Series
The LB series lathes offer speed, accuracy, and power in a single saddle design. These machines come with rotary tooling, long bed capacities, powerful spindle, and NC turret. Optional milling functions allow for complete multi-tasking including turning, drilling, milling and more.

Okuma LU Series
The LU Series turning centers are designed for 4-axis turning, and providing the most efficient and accurate turning capabilities. These machines are equipped with twin turrets, 22 tool stations, two independent saddles, tailstock, and OSP CNC control for ease of use. Optional milling capabilities are also available on some machines.

Okuma MB Series
The MB Series of machining centers are high-speed, thermally stable horizontal machining centers. These machines are equipped with quick acceleration, short tool changes, and powerful cutting capacities, optimal for anything machining shop.

Okuma MA Series
The Okuma MA series of horizontal machining centers achieve highly accurate, steady machining of mass production to long, continuous work. These machines come with a variety of spindle options to suit various manufacturing requirements.

Okuma MU Series
The MU series of vertical machining centers achieve high efficiency and high productivity in 5-axis multi-sided machining. This machine has a double column design and is equipped with 5-axis trunnion for high-speed, high-accurate cutting. These machines can be easily adapted to integrate an APC, multiple ATC, automation or FMS.

Okuma Millac Series
The Millac series of machining centers combine high speed and high rigidity. Equipped with large ball screws, and rotary type 2APC to reduce setup time and increase productivity.

 Founded in 1898
 Based in Oguchi-cho, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
 US Operations Based in Charlotte, NC
 Best Known for High Quality, Precision CNC Machines
 Website: www.okuma.com