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Omax Corporation is an American waterjet manufacturer specializing in high-pressure abrasive CNC waterjets for the fabrication and manufacturing industry. The company is now most well known for their ProtoMAX, GlobalMAX, MAXIEM, and OMAX waterjet cutters. Omax develops and produces all of its waterjets within the United States, and ships to over 65 countries. With over 8,000 unique configurations, 50+ patents, and 100+ training classes per year, Omax is invested in providing their customers with top of the line machines.

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2018 Omax 80X JetMachining CNC Waterjet

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2018 OMAX 60120 JetMachining CNC Waterjet

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Omax was established in 1993 leading the industry with a JetMachining Center specifically designed for the general machine shop environment, followed by the first PC controller specifically for abrasivejet machining. This first machine also had one of the first ultra-high-pressure pumps ad advanced waterjet nozzles.

By the early 2000s, cutting model improvements significantly increased cutting speeds in OMAX Machines. By 2003, a decade after its establishment, Omax has over 600 abrasive waterjet systems in job shops, universities, factories, and government agencies worldwide. This led the way for Omax to introduce the MAXIEM series of waterjets, a more versatile and affordable line of jets.

By 2010 Omax introduced the rotary axis and 6-axis machining to OMAX machines. This increased reliability, accuracy, and flexibility across the companys different waterjet lines. BY 2017 the GlobalMAX line was introduced, as well the newest Protomax waterjet cutter. By 2018, the company celebrated 25 years in business, and in 2019 the company merged with Hypertherm.


The ProtoMAX is the first high performance, personal abrasive waterjet. These waterjets have a compact design, but are built to cut virtually any material. With a 12"x12” cutting area, and 30,000 PSI, this waterjet is optimal for light commercial applications, DIY makerspaces, and educational institutions.

GlobalMAX cutters are easy to use and powerful, with multiple options and sizes available. These waterjets are optimal for rapid prototyping or working with standard sheet and plates sizes for full scale production with 30,000 PSI for the GlobalMAX 10, and 45,000 PSI for the GlobalMAX 20 and 30.

Maxiem waterjets are built for any job from high capacity production to prototyping. This series of machines offers 7 different sizes, ranging from 5’x5’ to 20’x10’.

Omax standard series of machines are designed with precision, speed, and efficiency. Omax offers 10 different sizes of machines ranging from a compact 2’x2’ to a large 26’x13’.

 Founded in 1993

 Based in Kent, Washington, USA

 Best Known for High Pressure Abrasive Waterjets



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Waterjet Model Waterjet Table Size & Travels
Table Size XY Cutting Envelope
Omax MicroMAX Waterjet 2' 11" x 3' 0" 25" 25"
Omax Mobile JMC Waterjet 5’ 9” x 2’ 6” 52" x 50"
Omax Standard Abrasive Waterjets  
Omax 2626 Waterjet 3’ 10” x 2’ 7” 26" x 26”
Omax 2652 Waterjet 5’ 9” x 2’ 6” 52” x 26”
Omax 5555 Waterjet 6’ 8” x 5’ 5” 55” x 55”
Omax 55100 Waterjet 12’ 11” x 7’ 10” 100” x 55”
Omax 60120 Waterjet 18’ 9” x 9’ 2” 126” x 62”
Omax 80X Waterjet Series  
Omax 80X Waterjet 15' 0" x 7' 5" 160” x 80”
Omax 80X-1 Waterjet 21' 8" x 7' 5" 240" x 80"
Omax 80X-2 Waterjet 28' 4" x 7' 5" 320" x 80"
Omax 120X Waterjet Series  
Omax 120X/S Waterjet 15'0" x 11'5" 160" x 120"
Omax 120X Waterjet 21'8" x 11'5" 240" x 120"
Omax 120X-1 Waterjet 28'4" x 11'5" 340" x 120"
Omax 120X-2 Waterjet 35'0" x 11'5" 400" x 120"
Omax 120X-3 Waterjet 41'8" x 11'5" 480" x 120"
Omax 160X Waterjet Series  
Omax 160X/S Waterjet 21'7" x 14'9" 240" x 160"
Omax 160X Waterjet 28'3" x 14'9" 320" x 160"
Omax 160X-1 Waterjet 34'10" x 14'9" 400" x 160"
Omax 160X-2 Waterjet 41'8" x 14'9" 480" x 160"
Omax 160X-3 Waterjet 48'6" x 14'9" 560" x 160"