2012 Faro Edge 7-Axis Measuring Control Station

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2012 Faro Edge 7-Axis Measuring Control Station

  • MakeFaro
  • ModelEdge
  • Year2012
  • Product #08730
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Live Tooling / Milling


# of Axis: 7
Repeatability: 35µm, 2s (0.0014”)
Volumetric Accuracy: ±35µm (±0.0014”)


Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: 7-Axis Arm (Required for Laser Line Probe)
Edge (7 Axes) 0.069mm (0.0027in.) 0.076mm (0.0030in.) 0.126mm (0.0049in.)
Edge (7 Axes) 1.8m 0.024mm ±0.034mm 10.7kg (6ft.) (0.0009in.) (±0.0013in.) (23.6lbs.)
Accuracy: ±35µm (±0.0014”)
Repeatability: 35µm, 2s (0.0014”)
Stand-off: 80mm (3.15”)
Depth of field: 85mm (3.35”)
Effective scan width: Near field 53mm (2.09”)
Far field 90mm (3.5”)
Points per line: 752 points/line
Scan rate: 60 frames/second x 752 points/line = 45,120 points/sec.
Laser: 660nm, CDRH Class II/IEC Class 2M
Weight: 222.4g (0.49lbs.)