Vectorbend VB-200HP CNC Mandrel Type Tube Bending Machine

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Vectorbend VB-200HP CNC Mandrel Type Tube Bending Machine

The Vectorbend VB-200HP CNC Mandrel Type Tube Bending Machine offers a host of advanced features tailored for precision tube bending applications. Equipped with a mandrel bending system, it ensures uniform bend quality, particularly crucial for complex or tight-radius bends. The machine boasts a robust construction, ensuring stability and durability even under high-pressure operations.

Additionally, the VB-200HP comes with a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy programming and operation. Its intuitive controls streamline setup and adjustments, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. With customizable bending parameters, operators can fine-tune settings to meet specific requirements, accommodating various tube materials and diameters. Furthermore, the machine's versatility extends to its compatibility with CAD/CAM software, enabling seamless integration into modern manufacturing workflows.
  • MakeVectorbend
  • ModelVB-200HP
  • Year1995 or older
  • Product #12846
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About This Machine

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Live Tooling / Milling



Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: Max. Tube Diameter: 2" OD x 0.125" WT
Max. Bend Radius: 180 degrees + Springback
Max. Bend Centerline Radius: 8"
Max. Tube Length Over Mandrel: 154"
Horsepower Rating: 35
460 Volts

Equipped With:
Clamp Bars
Conversational CNC System
Multi-Stack Bending Capacity
Tube Loader
Automatic Lubrication System
All Available Manuals