2018 GF Agie Charmilles Cut E 350 CNC Wire EDM

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2018 GF Agie Charmilles Cut E 350 CNC Wire EDM

The GF Agie Charmilles Cut E 350 CNC Wire EDM is a precision machining tool designed for high-accuracy cutting of conductive materials. Its key features include advanced CNC controls for precise and efficient operation, allowing for complex geometric shapes with tight tolerances to be easily achieved. The machine boasts high cutting speeds and excellent surface finishes, making it ideal for applications requiring intricate detailing.

Equipped with automatic wire threading and tensioning systems, the Cut E 350 ensures uninterrupted machining processes, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Its robust construction and stable machining platform guarantee reliability and repeatability in production environments. Additionally, the machine offers user-friendly interfaces and intuitive programming software, facilitating ease of operation and reducing setup time. Overall, the GF Agie Charmilles Cut E 350 CNC Wire EDM stands as a versatile and reliable solution for demanding machining tasks in various industries.
  • MakeAgie Charmilles
  • ModelCut E 350
  • Year2018
  • Product #12853
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About This Machine

Incredibly well-maintained, Agie Charmilles Wire EDM available immediately!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling


X-Travel: 13.78"
Y-Travel: 9.84"
Z-Travel: 9.84"
Max Table/Pallet Load: 970lbs


Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Control Make/Model: Pentium CNC Control Processor
Control Options: Color Monitor;USB
Additional Control Options: Operating System: Windows 7
Operator Interface: 19" Touch Screen LCD Display
Hard Disk Drive Capacity: 120 GB
Data Storage Media: USB
Interfaces: RJ45 Ethernet, USB

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: General Specifications:
Max. Workpiece Dimensions: 32.28" x 26.77" x 9.84"
Max. Workpiece Weight: 970 lbs
Max. Cutting Height (Submerged): 9.84"
Axis Travels:
- X-Axis: 13.78"
- Y-Axis: 9.84"
- Z-Axis: 9.84"
- U-Axis: 3.54" (+/-1.77")
- V-Axis: 3.54" (+/-1.77")

Cutting Speed: 28.2 IPH
Wire Guide Type: Round Diamond Guides
Available Wire Sizes: 0.004", 0.006", 0.008", 0.010", 0.012"
Wire Spool: 17.6"
Taper Angles: 30 Degree @ 2.42"
Surface Finish-Ra (Aa): 0.25 um (10 uin)
Measurement Device: Glass Scales (XY) / Encoder (UVZ)
Control/Servo Resolution: 0.000005"
Generator: PG-V Integrated