2015 Wellsaw 1016 CNC Manual Bandsaw

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2015 Wellsaw 1016 CNC Manual Bandsaw

The Wellsaw 1016 CNC Manual Bandsaw is a versatile cutting machine designed for precision and efficiency in various industrial applications. Equipped with a robust and durable construction, the Wellsaw 1016 CNC Manual Bandsaw offers stability and reliability during operation. Its manual functionality allows operators to intervene and adjust settings as needed, providing flexibility and control over the cutting process.

With a spacious worktable and adjustable vise, this bandsaw accommodates a wide range of workpieces, enabling efficient cutting of various sizes and shapes. Additionally, safety features such as blade guards and emergency stop buttons prioritize operator safety during operation. Overall, the Wellsaw 1016 CNC Manual Bandsaw combines advanced CNC technology with user-friendly features to deliver precise and efficient cutting performance in industrial settings.
  • MakeWellsaw
  • Model1016
  • Year2015
  • Product #12934
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About This Machine

Great working order Wellsaw 1016 Bandsaw with 2HP Baldor Motor and Variable Hydraulic Downfeed Control, available immediately!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling


Speeds: 50/100/175/275 RPM


Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: Capacity:
- Rectangular (H x W): 10" x 16"
- 45° Angle (H x W): 10" x 9"
- 90° Round: 10.5"
- Flat: 16.5"

Blade: - Size (L x W): 138" x 1.06"
- Thickness: 0.035"
- Speed: 50/100/175/275 SFPM
- Motor: Baldor 2 HP
- Guides: Spring-Loaded Carbide Guides with Rollers
- Tension: Manual Rite-Tension®

Coolant System:
- Tank with 8 Gal Capacity
- Submersible Pump 115V/0.6 Amp/170 GPH

Vise Control: Quick Acting
Swivel Vise: to 45°
Feed Control: Variable Hydraulic with Counterbalance Spring
Band Wheels: 15" Dia. Cast Iron

Tiger-Tooth® Bi-Metal Blade
Combination Reduction Gearbox and Perimeter Ring Gear
Variable Hydraulic Downfeed Control
Flood Type Wet Cutting System
Coolant for Initial Start-Up
Rotary Blade Brush
Adjustable Stock Stop/Back-Gauge
Auto Shut-Off at End of Cut
OSHA Blade Guarding
Overload and Undervoltage Protection
110 Volts at Controls
Precision Ground Bed
Positive Frame Lock
Electrical: 115-208-230/60/1 or 208-230-460/60/