2021 Piranha 180 Ton x 13' 6-Axis CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

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2021 Piranha 180 Ton x 13' 6-Axis CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

The Piranha 180 Ton x 13' 6-Axis CNC Hydraulic Press Brake is a powerful and precise industrial machine designed for bending and shaping various materials with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Its 180-ton capacity enables it to handle heavy-duty tasks, making it suitable for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

With a bending length of 13 feet, this press brake accommodates large workpieces, enhancing productivity and versatility in production environments. Its hydraulic system delivers substantial force while maintaining precise control over the bending process, ensuring uniformity and repeatability in every bend. The machine's CNC back gauge and ram depth control enable precise positioning, facilitating the creation of intricate geometries and configurations with minimal setup time.
  • MakePiranha
  • Model180 Ton x 13
  • Year2021
  • Product #13091
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About This Machine

Bring all offers before removal! This Piranha 180 ton, 13' press brake is like new, and we believe has never been turned on to bend metal!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling


Tonnage: 180 tons
Back Gage Range: 19.7


Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Control Make/Model: Delem DA-66T 6-Axis CNC Control

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: Length of Worktable: 161.4"
Distance Between Uprights: 141.5"
Max. Open Height (With Die Rail Without Clamps): 17.3"
Closed Height: 8.8"
Die Rail Height: 3.15"
Throat Depth: 16.1"

Ram Stroke: 8.5"
Ram Speeds:
- Approach: 401 IPM
- Work: 26 IPM
- Return: 330 IPM

Back Gauge X:
- Stroke: 19.7"
- Max. Work Piece Size: 33.5"
- Max. Running Speed: 708 IPM
- Reposition: 0.001"

Repeatability: 0.0004"
Oil Capacity: 115 Gallons
Motor: 20 HP

4-Axis CNC Back Gauge (X,R,Z1,Z2)
Linear Guided Front Sheet Supports
Hydraulic Crowning System Built into Bed