2021 Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer

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2021 Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer

The Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer is a versatile and efficient tool designed for various metalworking and finishing tasks. One of its key features is its ability to effectively deburr metal parts, removing sharp edges and burrs that can result from machining or cutting processes. This makes it invaluable in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and beyond, where precision and smooth finishes are essential.

Equipped with powerful magnets, the EHD-765 securely holds metal parts in place during the spinning and deburring process, ensuring safety and stability while also enhancing efficiency. The spinner/deburrer is designed with a robust construction, capable of handling heavy-duty use in demanding industrial environments. Its magnetic base allows for easy setup and operation, minimizing downtime and streamlining workflow. Additionally, the EHD-765 offers adjustable settings to accommodate different part sizes and deburring requirements, providing flexibility and customization according to specific job needs. With its combination of strength, precision, and adaptability, the Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer stands as a reliable solution for enhancing the quality and efficiency of metalworking operations.
  • MakeEarth-Chain
  • ModelEHD-765
  • Year2021
  • Product #13383
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Product Description: Container Size: 25.59" x 9.84"
Max. Workpiece Weight: 26.46 lbs