2021 Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer

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2021 Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer

The Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer is a versatile tool designed for efficiently deburring, cleaning, and polishing small metal parts used in various manufacturing processes. One of its primary features is its magnetic base, which securely holds the metal parts in place during the spinning and deburring process, preventing them from shifting or falling out. This magnetic base ensures stability and precision during operation, leading to consistent results and minimizing the risk of damage to the parts.

Additionally, the Earth-Chain EHD-765 is equipped with a powerful motor capable of high-speed rotation, allowing for rapid deburring and cleaning of parts. The adjustable speed settings provide flexibility to accommodate different types of materials and desired finishes, giving users control over the deburring process to achieve optimal results. The machine's compact size and ergonomic design make it suitable for use in various industrial settings, from small workshops to large-scale manufacturing facilities. Overall, the Earth-Chain EHD-765 Magnetic Parts Spinner/Deburrer is a reliable and efficient tool that streamlines the deburring process and helps improve productivity in metalworking operations.
  • MakeEarth-Chain
  • ModelEHD-765
  • Year2021
  • Product #13382
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Product Description: Container Size: 25.59" x 9.84"
Max. Workpiece Weight: 26.46 lbs