2019 Fanuc M-10iD/8L Robot with Fanuc R-30iB Plus Control

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2019 Fanuc M-10iD/8L Robot with Fanuc R-30iB Plus Control- Cost Over $450,000 New!

The Fanuc M-10iD/8L Robot, equipped with the Fanuc R-30iB Plus Control, boasts several advanced features tailored for industrial automation tasks. With a payload capacity of 17.64 pounds and a compact design, this robot is well-suited for a variety of applications, including material handling, assembly, and machine tending.

One notable feature of the M-10iD/8L Robot is its high-speed performance and precision, enabled by advanced servo control technology. This allows for efficient and accurate operation, reducing cycle times and enhancing productivity in manufacturing environments. Additionally, the robot's slim arm design and wide range of motion enable it to reach into tight spaces and perform intricate tasks with ease.

The R-30iB Plus Control system further enhances the robot's capabilities with intuitive programming interfaces and advanced motion control algorithms. Its user-friendly interface simplifies programming and setup, allowing operators to quickly deploy the robot for new tasks and adapt to changing production requirements. Additionally, the R-30iB Plus Control offers seamless integration with other automation systems, enabling synchronized operation within complex manufacturing workflows. Overall, the Fanuc M-10iD/8L Robot with Fanuc R-30iB Plus Control delivers a powerful combination of performance, versatility, and ease of use, making it a valuable asset for modern industrial automation applications.
  • MakeFanuc
  • ModelM-10iD/8L
  • Year2019
  • Product #13431
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About This Machine

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Live Tooling / Milling


# of Axis: 6


Second Spindle

Tool Changer



Control Make/Model: Fanuc R-30iB Plus CNC Control
Additional Control Options: NRTL Approved R-30iB Plus-A Cabinet Controller
iPendant with 10M Teach Pendant Cable
iPendant Panel Wizard
Motion Package
Advanced Ethernet/IP Scanner Package
Advanced DCS Package
Automatic Error Recovery
Expanded Registers
Password Protection
Soft Float
MONITOR Command Option

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: Max. Load Capacity (at Wrist): 17.64 Lbs.
Reach: 80"
Controlled Axis: 6
Repeatability: +/- 0.0012"
Mechanical Weight: 396.83 Lbs.
Arm Motion Range:
- J1-Axis: 340°
- J2-Axis: 235°
- J3-Axis: 455°
- J4-Axis: 380°
- J5-Axis: 360°
- J6-Axis: 900°
Max. Speed:
- J1-Axis: 210°/s
- J2-Axis: 210°/s
- J3-Axis: 220°/s
- J4-Axis: 430°/s
- J5-Axis: 450°/s
- J6-Axis: 720°/s

Equipped With:
- Stand and Riser
- End of Arm Tooling: (1) Pneumatic Gripper