2023 Laguna Smartshop Pro 2 CNC Router

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2023 Laguna Smartshop Pro 2 CNC Router

The Laguna Smartshop Pro 2 CNC Router is a cutting-edge machine designed to deliver precision and efficiency in woodworking and machining tasks. Packed with advanced features, it offers a versatile solution for both professionals and hobbyists in various industries.

One notable feature of the Laguna Smartshop Pro 2 is its robust construction, built to withstand heavy-duty use while maintaining stability and accuracy. Its rigid frame ensures minimal vibration, allowing for high-quality cuts and intricate designs. Equipped with a powerful spindle, the router offers variable speed control, enabling users to optimize cutting parameters for different materials and applications.

Additionally, the Smartshop Pro 2 boasts user-friendly software and intuitive controls, making it accessible to operators of all skill levels. Its integrated control system facilitates easy programming and operation, streamlining the workflow and reducing setup times. With its large work area and customizable bed options, this CNC router accommodates a wide range of project sizes and materials, empowering users to unleash their creativity and achieve precise results with ease.
  • MakeLaguna
  • ModelSmartshop Pro 2
  • Year2023
  • Product #13551
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About This Machine

Late model Laguna Smartshop Pro 2 router with 8 Position Tool Changer, ISO 30 Taper, and 12" Z-Clearance. Under power and available immediately!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling


Vertical Table / Pallet Size: 48" x 96""
Z-Travel: 13.00"
Rapid Traverse: 2000 IPM
Cutting Feed Rate: 1500 IPM


Spindle Taper Type: 30 Taper
Spindle Taper - Other: ISO30
Spindle Speed: 24,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 12 HP

Second Spindle

Tool Changer


Tool Positions: 8


Control Make/Model: Syntec Industrial Control System

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Machine Options: Gear Box
Product Description: Gantry/Z-Axis Clearance: 12"
Rapid Speed: 2,000 IPM
Cutting Speed: 1,500 IPM

Yaskawa AC Servos Drive Motors
Planetary Gear Box Drive System

Helical Rack & Pinion X,Y Axis, Ball Screw Z Axis
Heavy-Duty One-Piece All-Steel Frame
6-Zone Vacuum Table
10HP STOCK Regenerative Blower Vacuum Pump
Electrical: 208-230V/ 3PH