2019 Fanuc M-10iD/8L Complete Robotic Cell Package

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2019 Fanuc M-10iD/8L Complete Robotic Cell Package- Cost Over $450,000 New!

The Fanuc M-10iD/8L robot is a versatile and advanced industrial robot designed for various manufacturing applications. One of its prominent features is its compact and lightweight design, making it suitable for use in environments where space is limited or where mobility is necessary.

Equipped with advanced motion control technology, the M-10iD/8L robot delivers high-speed and precise movements, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in its operations. Its six-axis configuration provides flexibility in maneuverability, enabling it to reach different angles and positions with ease. Additionally, the robot is equipped with integrated vision systems and sensors, allowing it to adapt to changing environments and perform tasks with enhanced efficiency and safety. With its user-friendly interface and programming capabilities, the Fanuc M-10iD/8L robot offers manufacturers a reliable solution for automating various production processes, improving productivity, and maintaining high-quality standards in manufacturing operations.
  • MakeFanuc
  • ModelM-10iD/8L
  • Year2019
  • Product #13574
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About This Machine

Excellent condition Fanuc Robot with Controller and Cell coming from Aerospace facility! Cell comes complete with washer and air blower unit, Marposs gauging and marking system, controller, barcode scanner, Cognex camera, washing station, 8 drawer parts stocker, fencing, and more!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling


# of Axis: 6


Second Spindle

Tool Changer

# of Stations: 4



Control Make/Model: Fanuc R-30iB Plus CNC Control
Additional Control Options: NRTL Approved R-30iB Plus-A Cabinet Controller
iPendant with 10M Teach Pendant Cable
iPendant Panel Wizard
Motion Package
Advanced Ethernet/IP Scanner Package
Advanced DCS Package
Automatic Error Recovery
Expanded Registers
Password Protection
Soft Float
MONITOR Command Option

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Product Description: Robot Cell Package Includes:
- Fanuc Robot M-10iD/8L 6-Axis Robot
- Fanuc R-30iB Plus CNC Control
- Custom Marposs Gauging and Marking System
- Keyence MD-X1500 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marking Station
- Fume Extractor for Making Station
- Cell Controller with Handheld Barcode Scanner
- Cognex Camera
- Stand and Riser
- End of Arm Tooling: (1) Pneumatic Gripper
- Washer & Air Blower Unit
- Fencing
- Cable Tracks
- Beacon
- Wash Station
- HMI and PLC
- 8-Drawer Parts Stocker

Fanuc Robot 6-Axis M-10iD/8L Robot and Robot Arm Specifications:
Max. Load Capacity (at Wrist): 17.64 Lbs
Reach: 80"
Controlled Axis: 6
Repeatability: +/- 0.0012"
Mechanical Weight: 396.83 Lbs.
Arm Motion Range:
- J1-Axis: 340°
- J2-Axis: 235°
- J3-Axis: 455°
- J4-Axis: 380°
- J5-Axis: 360°
- J6-Axis: 900°
Max. Speed:
- J1-Axis: 210°/s
- J2-Axis: 210°/s
- J3-Axis: 220°/s
- J4-Axis: 430°/s
- J5-Axis: 450°/s
- J6-Axis: 720°/s