2005 Daewoo DHC-400 CNC Horizontal Mill

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2005 Daewoo DHC-400 CNC Horizontal Mill

The Daewoo DHC-400 CNC Horizontal Mill is a precision machining tool designed for high-performance milling operations in industrial settings. It boasts several notable features that make it a preferred choice for manufacturers and machinists. One key feature is its CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system, which allows for precise and automated control of the milling process. This system enables users to program complex machining operations, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in production runs.

The DHC-400 is known for its robust construction and rigidity, which contribute to enhanced stability and vibration damping during machining operations. This stability is crucial for maintaining tight tolerances and achieving superior surface finishes on workpieces. Additionally, the horizontal orientation of the mill allows for efficient chip evacuation, minimizing the risk of chip buildup and tool damage. The machine's spacious work envelope provides ample room for large workpieces, enabling versatility in machining various components. Overall, the Daewoo DHC-400 CNC Horizontal Mill stands out for its precision, reliability, and efficiency, making it a valuable asset in modern manufacturing environments.
  • MakeDaewoo
  • ModelDHC-400
  • Year2005
  • Product #13666
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About This Machine

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Table / Pallet Indexing: 1 Degree
Horizontal Table/Pallet Size in mm: 400mm
Number of Pallets: 2
X-Travel: 23.60"
Y-Travel: 22.00"
Z-Travel: 22.00"


Spindle Taper Type: CAT#40
Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM

Tool Changer

Tool Magazine Capacity: 40


Control Make/Model: Fanuc 21i-MB CNC Control
Control Options: Color Monitor


Machine Options: Tool Presetter
Coolant Types: Thru-Spindle Coolant
Chip Removal: Chip Conveyor