2022 Smart NL2000BSY CNC Lathe

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2022 Smart NL2000BSY CNC Lathe

The Smart NL2000BSY CNC Lathe is a sophisticated machine equipped with several advanced features that enhance precision, efficiency, and versatility in machining operations. One notable feature is its built-in live tooling capability, allowing for the performance of multiple machining operations without the need for manual tool changes. This feature enables the lathe to handle complex parts and intricate geometries with ease, reducing production time and enhancing overall productivity.

Furthermore, the Smart NL2000BSY CNC Lathe boasts a sub-spindle, adding another dimension to its machining capabilities. With the ability to work on both ends of a part simultaneously, the lathe offers increased efficiency and reduced cycle times for multi-step machining processes. This dual-spindle functionality enables the machine to perform intricate turning, milling, and drilling operations in a single setup, minimizing setup time and maximizing throughput.

Additionally, the Smart NL2000BSY CNC Lathe is equipped with advanced control systems and software, allowing for precise control of cutting parameters and tool movements. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive programming features make it accessible to both seasoned machinists and novice operators alike, facilitating seamless operation and optimal performance. Overall, the Smart NL2000BSY CNC Lathe represents a cutting-edge solution for modern machining requirements, offering precision, versatility, and efficiency in a single machine platform.
  • MakeSmart
  • ModelNL2000BSY
  • Year2022
  • Product #13312
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About This Machine

Beautiful late model Smart NL2000BSY! Coming with Barfeeder, Live Tooling, Sub-spindle, and more! Under power and can be inspected!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling

Y-Axis: Equipped With
Live Tooling / Milling: Equipped With
B-Axis: Equipped With


X-Travel: 9.41"
Z-Travel: 32.68"
Max Swing Over Bed: 31.89"
Max Turning / Cutting Length: 28.94"
Max Cutting / Turning Diameter: 16.18"
Rapid Traverse: 1181 IPM


Bar Capacity: 2.56"
Chuck Size: 8.0"
Chuck Type: Hydraulic
Spindle Bore: 2.99"
Spindle Speed: 4,500 RPM
Spindle Motor: 25 HP
Spindle Nose: A2-6

Second Spindle

Sub-Spindle: Equipped With
Second Bar Capacity: 2.00"
Second Chuck Size: 8.0"
Second Spindle Bore: 2.44"
Second Spindle Speed: 5,000 RPM
Second Spindle Motor: 20 HP
Second Spindle Nose: A2-6


Tool Positions: 24
Turret Options: BMT55 Type
Live Milling Max RPM: 5,000 RPM


Control Make/Model: Fanuc 0i-TF CNC Control
Control Options: Rigid Tapping;Spindle Orientation;USB;Ethernet / LAN;Inch/Metric Conversion

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Machine Options: Parts Catcher;Worklight;Splash Guards
Additional Machine Specs: Travels:
- Y-Axis: 4.33"
- B-Axis: 29.92"

Misc. Tooling Included
Coolant Types: High Pressure Coolant
Chip Removal: Chip Conveyor
Barfeeder Make/Model: Edge Rebel V-65 Servo