2017 DMG Mori CTX beta 1250 4A CNC Multi Axis Turning Center

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2017 DMG Mori CTX beta 1250 4A CNC Multi Axis Turning Center

The DMG Mori CTX beta 1250 4A CNC Multi Axis Turning Center is a high-performance machine designed for precision turning operations. It boasts several advanced features to optimize productivity and accuracy. With its multi-axis capability, it offers complex machining capabilities, enabling intricate part production in a single setup.

Equipped with a powerful CNC control system, the CTX beta 1250 4A ensures seamless operation and efficient programming. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure durability and reliability, even in demanding manufacturing environments. The machine's spindle delivers high torque and speed, allowing for rapid material removal and superior surface finishes. Additionally, it features live tooling options, enabling milling operations, further expanding its versatility. Overall, the DMG Mori CTX beta 1250 4A CNC Multi Axis Turning Center is a versatile and reliable solution for precision turning applications.
  • MakeDMG Mori
  • ModelCTX beta 1250 4A
  • Year2017
  • Product #12817
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About This Machine

Huge capacity for the dollar! This DMG Mori CTX Beta 1250 4A Milling and Turning center comes with (2) turrets loaded with options: an upper turret Y-Axis, C-Axis on both front and back spindles, and both loaded with live tooling!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling

C-Axis: Equipped With
Y-Axis: Equipped With
Live Tooling / Milling: Equipped With


X-Travel: 11.80"
Z-Travel: 46.10"
Distance Between Centers: 58"
Max Swing Over Bed: 21.26"
Max Turning / Cutting Length: 44.70"
Max Cutting / Turning Diameter: 13.40"


Bar Capacity: 4.00"
Chuck Size: 15.0"
Spindle Bore: 4.40"
Spindle Speed: 5,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 64.4 HP

Second Spindle

Total Spindles: 2
Sub-Spindle: Equipped With
Second Bar Capacity: 4.00"
Second Spindle Bore: 4.40"
Second Spindle Speed: 4000 RPM
Second Spindle Motor: 64.4 HP


Tool Positions: 12
Turret Options: VDI 40 Star Turrets
Second Turret Live Tooling: Equipped With
Live Milling Max RPM: 4,000 RPM


Control Make/Model: Siemens Celos CNC Control
Control Options: Color Monitor
Additional Control Options: ERGOline Control

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Additional Machine Specs: Travels:
- Y-Axis: 4.7"

C-Axis on Main and Sub Spindle
Y-Axis + Live Tooling: Upper Turret
Live Tooling: Lower Turret
TWIN Concept for Parallel Processing

Please Note: Robotic Arm in Photos is NOT Included
Coolant Types: High Pressure Coolant;High Pressure Thru-Spindle Coolant
High Pressure Coolant PSI: 1,000 PSI