2020 Nomura NN-38UB8 CNC Swiss Lathe

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2020 Nomura NN-38UB8 CNC Swiss Lathe

The Nomura NN-38UB8 CNC Swiss Lathe is a highly advanced machining tool designed for precision and efficiency in the production of intricate parts. This lathe boasts a powerful 8-axis control system, allowing for a wide range of complex machining operations. With its high spindle speed and rapid tool change capabilities, the NN-38UB8 excels in handling intricate turning, milling, and drilling tasks with exceptional accuracy.

The machine is equipped with a robust bar feeder that enables continuous and automated production, minimizing downtime. Its user-friendly CNC interface facilitates easy programming and operation, making it suitable for both experienced machinists and those new to CNC machining.
  • MakeNomura
  • ModelNN-38UB8
  • Year2020
  • Product #13074
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About This Machine

Rare to market 38mm Nomura Swiss Lathe with 12' FMB Barfeeder! Currently running oil!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**

Live Tooling / Milling

C-Axis: Equipped With
Live Tooling / Milling: Equipped With


Max Turning / Cutting Length: 10.23"
Max Cutting / Turning Diameter: 1.49"
Rapid Traverse: 1181 IPM


Spindle Bore: 1.69"
Spindle Speed: 8,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 10 HP

Second Spindle

Total Spindles: 2
Sub-Spindle: Equipped With
Second Bar Capacity: 1.49"
Second Spindle Speed: 8,000 RPM
Second Spindle Motor: 7.5 HP


Tool Positions: 24
Turret Options: Max. Machining Drill: 0.51"
Max. Machining Tap: M8
Main O.D. Tool: 5
Main I.D. Tool: 5
Main Cross Drill: 5
Main Cross Drill RPM: 6,000 RPM
Sub. O.D. Fixed Tool: 2 (ER20)
Sub. I.D. Rotary Tool: 2 (ER20)


Control Make/Model: Mitsubishi CNC Control
Control Options: Manual Pulse Generator / Pendant

Tailstock / Steadyrest


Machine Options: Parts Catcher;Tool Presetter;Mist Collector;Worklight
Additional Machine Specs: Travels:
- C-Axis: 0.0001°
Max. Parts Unloading Length: 4.52"
Main Spindle Center Height: 45.6"

LNS Turbo MH500 Mixed Material Chip Conveyor
Parts Conveyor
MP Systems Mechanical Interface
MP Systems High Pressure Coolant System with Heat Exchanger
Automatic Oiling Device
Coolant Flow Detector
TriMist Oil Mist Collector
HSK High Speed Spindle for Engraving
Nomura Patrol Light (Three Color)
Automatic Power Turn-Off Device
Overload Detection Function
I.D. Tool Device
Cross Drill Unit
Coolant Unit
Rotary Guide Bush
Drill Holder
Tool Holder
Coolant Types: High Pressure Coolant
Chip Removal: Chip Conveyor
Barfeeder Make/Model: Edge FMB Turbo 5-51 12' Barfeeder