2015 DMG Mori DMC 65 monoBlock CNC Vertical Mill

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2015 DMG Mori DMC 65 monoBlock CNC Vertical Mill

The DMG Mori DMC 65 monoBlock CNC Vertical Mill boasts cutting-edge features tailored for precision machining operations. Its monoBlock design ensures rigidity and stability during high-speed machining, enhancing accuracy and surface finish. Equipped with a powerful spindle and advanced tooling options, it enables versatile machining capabilities across various materials.

This mill integrates seamlessly with advanced CAD/CAM systems, facilitating efficient programming and execution of complex geometries. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls streamline operation, reducing setup time and enhancing productivity. With robust construction and sophisticated automation options, the DMC 65 monoBlock delivers consistent performance in demanding manufacturing environments, making it a preferred choice for industries requiring high-precision machining solutions.
  • MakeDMG Mori
  • ModelDMC 65 monoBlock
  • Year2015
  • Product #12793
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About This Machine

Very rare to the used market! Versatile and efficient, 5-axis, 6-pallet DMG Mori DMC 65 monoBLOCK! Super low hours! Never put into production - only operated for demo and test cutting. Replacement cost $1.1M+!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**


Rotary Table / Trunnion: 5th Axis
Table / Pallet Size: 19.7" x 19.7"
Number of Pallets: 6
X-Travel: 29.00"
Y-Travel: 26.00"
Z-Travel: 22.00"


Spindle Taper Type: HSK63
Spindle Taper: HSK-A 63
Spindle Speed: 18,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 17 HP

Tool Changer

Tool Magazine Capacity: 120
Tool Changer Type: Chain


Control Make/Model: Siemens 840D Celos CNC Control
Additional Control Options: 3D QuickSET
MPC Machine Protection Control
Electronic Handwheel Siemens 840D
MDynamics Package
Safety Package for Power Failure


Machine Options: Oil Filtration System;Automatic Tool Length Measurement System
Additional Machine Specs: Paper Coolant Filtration System
Renishaw SK-40 Infrared Measuring Probe
Blum Laser In-Machining Area Tool Measuring
Spray Pistol Coolant with Pump: 2 Bar/40 L/min
Cooling Air Blast
Signal Lamp 4-Color
Rotating Clear-View Window
Rotary Pallet Storage
Chip Removal: Chip Conveyor
Probe Make/Model: Renishaw SK-40