2014 Hurco VM20i CNC Vertical Machining Center

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2014 Hurco VM20i CNC Vertical Machining Center

The Hurco VM20i CNC Vertical Machining Center is a robust industrial-grade machine designed for precision machining operations across a variety of materials. Its key features include a sturdy cast iron frame that provides stability and reduces vibrations during operation, ensuring high accuracy and surface finish quality. The machine is equipped with a powerful spindle motor capable of delivering high torque at various speeds, allowing for efficient cutting of different materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

One notable feature of the Hurco VM20i is its advanced CNC control system, which integrates user-friendly software with intuitive programming interfaces. This enables operators to easily create and modify machining programs, optimize tool paths, and monitor production processes in real-time. The machine also boasts a large work envelope and a spacious worktable, providing ample space for accommodating large workpieces and complex machining setups. Additionally, the VM20i is equipped with a variety of toolholding options, including automatic tool changers, allowing for rapid tool changes and minimizing downtime between machining operations. Overall, the Hurco VM20i CNC Vertical Machining Center offers precision, reliability, and versatility, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of machining applications in various industries.
  • MakeHurco
  • ModelVM20i
  • Year2014
  • Product #13638
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About This Machine

Great working order Hurco VM20i with Winmax Control, Probing, and Rigid Tapping! Under power and available immediately!


Table / Pallet Size: 46" x 20"
X-Travel: 40.00"
Y-Travel: 20.00"
Z-Travel: 20.00"
Rapid Traverse: 1102 IPM
Cutting Feed Rate: 1102 IPM


Spindle Taper Type: CAT#40
Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 20 HP
Spindle Nose to Table Top: 4-24""

Tool Changer

Tool Magazine Capacity: 24
Tool Changer Type: Side Mount
Tool Change Time: 2.5 seconds


Control Make/Model: Hurco WinMax CNC Control
Control Options: Rigid Tapping
Additional Control Options: DXF
NC Productivity Package
Insert Pockets
Helical Ramp
3D Mold
NC Conversational
Swept Surface
Tool Change Optimization


Machine Options: Tool Parts Probe
Additional Machine Specs: Renishaw OMI Probe
Probe Make/Model: Renishaw OMI-2T Probe