2003 DMG Mori DMU80T CNC Vertical Mill

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2003 DMG Mori DMU80T CNC Vertical Mill

The DMG Mori DMU80T CNC Vertical Mill is a high-precision machine tool renowned for its versatility and advanced capabilities in milling operations. It features a robust construction with a high-rigidity design, ensuring stability and precision during complex machining tasks. The machine boasts a spacious work envelope, allowing for the machining of large and intricate parts with ease.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art CNC control system, the DMU80T offers user-friendly programming and high-speed processing, enhancing productivity and reducing setup times. It includes a swivel rotary table, enabling 5-axis simultaneous machining, which is ideal for complex geometries and high-quality surface finishes. The mill’s spindle speeds reach up to 10,000 RPM, supported by a powerful direct-drive motor, providing excellent cutting performance across a variety of materials. Advanced features like tool monitoring, collision avoidance, and automatic tool changers further enhance the machine’s efficiency and reliability in demanding production environments.
  • MakeDMG Mori
  • ModelDMU80T
  • Year2003
  • Product #14090
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About This Machine

Unlock unparalleled precision and efficiency with the DMG Mori DMU80T, perfect for elevating your machining capabilities to new heights at a low price!

**All descriptions and specifications are preliminary and must be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.**


Rotary Table / Trunnion: 5th Axis
Table / Pallet Indexing: Full 4th Axis (Continuous)
Table / Pallet Size: 49.2" x 27.56"
X-Travel: 34.65"
Y-Travel: 24.80"
Z-Travel: 24.80"
Rapid Traverse: 1181 IPM
Cutting Feed Rate: 1181 IPM


Spindle Taper Type: HSK63
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Spindle Motor: 25 HP

Tool Changer

Tool Magazine Capacity: 32
Tool Changer Type: Chain


Control Make/Model: Heidenhein Millplus iT V5.10 CNC Control


Machine Options: Tool Presetter;Tool Parts Probe
Additional Machine Specs: Travels:
- B-Axis: -91° / +12°
- C-Axis: Continuous

Blum Laser Tool Setter
Chip Removal: Chip Auger
Probe Make/Model: Renishaw RMP600