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Fadal was founded in 1955 by Francis de Caussin, who was a toolmaker in the automotive industry looking to start his own machine shop. The company started out as a family business, when Francis had his sons Dave and Larry help him out in the shop. Everyone made modifications to their few machines in order to keep business flowing, and this motivation to make better and faster machines was the beginning of the trend that would carry Fadal to prominence in the machine tool industry.

Fadal went on to make parts and machines for the “space race” in the 1960s, including work for Surveyor, Voyager, satellites, and eventually the space shuttle fuel system. However, many of the machines that Fadal worked with did not have an automatic tool changer. In their desire to do everything as quickly as possible, the company set out to manufacture an affordable tool changer that could be attached to a mill. Thus, Fadal created the first automatic tool changer.

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2007 Fadal VMC-2216FX CNC Vertical Machining Center

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1998 Fadal 2016L CNC Vertical Mill

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1995 Fadal VMC 6030HT CNC Vertical Mill

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1995 Fadal VMC15 CNC Vertical Mill

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Fadal went on to designing simpler machines, with a simpler design, while maintaining that high speed machining that Fadal had built their reputation on. They decided to maintain the same control system throughout, to maintain a streamlined production line, instead of catering to special orders. This also made servicing machines easier, and more reliable. In 1995, the family business was sold to Giddings & Lewis, and has maintained the same mission and values since.

Fadal specializes in 40 and 50 Taper VMC’s, 5-axis VMC’s, and horizontal lathes.

VMC 2015
Fadal’s Vertical Machining Centers, known as VMC. The VMC 2015 are smaller size milling machines designed for smaller and light duty parts. These machines come with a high-speed spindle, fast rapid travel, and a 1 sec tool change. Additional standard features include spindle oil cooler, rigid tapping and more.

VMC 2520
The VMC 2520 is a smaller size mill designed for light duty parts. These machines come standard with spindle oil cooler, spindle air blast, rigid tapping and more. The 2520 has a roller way design which results in maximum vibration dampening, ensuring closer tolerances.

VMC 3320
The VMC 3320 is a smaller size mill designed for light duty parts. These machines are designed for high material removal rates and reduced part cycle times, coming standard with spindle oil cooler and air blast and roller-way design for maintaining closer tolerances.

VMC 4020
The VMC 4020 vertical machining centers are built for larger parts and heavy metal removal. These have a box way design for vibration-free cutting and increased positioning accuracy and repeatability. These machines come standard with rigid tapping, spindle oil cooler, box way construction and more. For bigger travels, the VMC 6030 and 8030 models are also available and designed for the same purposes as the 4020.

 Founded in 1955
 Owned by Giddings & Lewis
 Slogan: "For Machinists by Machinists"
 Best Known for Easy to Use CNC Mills
 Website: www.fadal.com


Fadal CNC Vertical Mills X-Travel Y-Travel Z-Travel Spindle Type Tool Capacity
Fadal VMC-2015HS-II 20" 15" 15" BT30 20
Fadal VMC-2520R-II 25.5" 20" 20" / 30" CAT40 / BT40 24
Fadal VMC-3320R-II 33" 20" 20" / 30" CAT40 / BT40 24 / 30
Fadal VMC-4020B-II 40" 20" 20" / 30" CAT40 / BT40 24 / 30 / 40
Fadal VMC-6030B-II 60" 32" 30" CAT40 / BT40 24 / 30 / 40
Fadal VMC-6030B50T 60" 32" 30" CAT50 32 / 40
Fadal VMC-8030B-II 80" 32" 30" CAT40 / BT40 24 / 30 / 40
Fadal VMC-8030B50T 80" 32" 30" CAT50 32 / 40