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Fanuc Corporation was founded in 1955, in Japan by Seiuemon Inaba. Fanuc is the largest maker of industrial robots in the world, and provides automation products and services such as robotics and CNC wireless systems. The company name is an acronym for Fuji Automatic NUmerical Control. Fanuc America Corporation is headquartered in Michigan, with facilities all across the country, as well as Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Fanuc primarily began in R&D, were they shipped their first CNC machine to Makino Milling Machine Co. in 1958. By 1982 Fanuc had captured half of the world CNC market. In 1982, Fanuc entered into a joint venture called GMFanuc Robotics Corporation, to produce and market robotics in the United States. In 1987, Fanuc entered a joint venture with General Electric Fanuc is dedicated to “service first” to offer customers parts and support for the life of their Fanuc products and a 52-year Mean-Time-Between-Failure, meaning Fanuc machines experience less downtime, produce more parts, support downstream production more effectively and deliver on customer promises.

Fanuc has over 240 joint venture subsidiaries, and offices in over 46 countries, making it the largest maker of CNC controls by market share (65% of the market) and is a leading global manufacturer of factory automation systems.

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2006 Fanuc RoboDrill Mate CNC Vertical Mill

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1999 Fanuc Robocut Alpha iA Wire EDM

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Fanuc has a simplified naming system for its machines:
• M - Milling
• T – Turning (lathe)
• TT – Twin Turret
• P – Punch Press
• G – Grinding
Updates for the models is usually indicated by a trailing letter (A-Z), and the models use 0 and O interchangeably.

Fanuc Robodrill
Fanuc’s Robodrills are high performance vertical machining centers designed for easy automation. These machines have a compact design with easy accessibility from all sides, in order to conveniently add robot automation for 24hr production and easy operation. Additionally, these machines are also highly flexible, versatile, and reliable.

Fanuc Robocut
Fanuc’s Robocut Wire EDM is a fast, accurate, multi-purpose wire-cutting machine. These machines are capable of cutting thick, stepped and tapered parts, have automatic in-path wire re-threading, and more.

Fanuc Robonano
Fanuc’s Robonanos are ultra-precision machining centers designed for high precision parts in automotive, optical, photonic, electronic, luxury and medical industries. These machines achieve nanometer level surface finishes and extremely accurate freeform surfaces.

 Founded in 1955
 Based in Oshino-mura, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
 US Operations Based in Rochester Hills, Michigan
 Best Known for Simple CNC Controls